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Trip to Pardubice to visit the archive and see Shaw´s play

přidáno: 12. 11. 2018 12:05, autor: Renata Langerová

On 26th October our class and sexta (year six)  were in Pardubice. We visited the exposition aimed at 100 years of Czechoslovakia and the theatre play called Pygmalion, which was in English.

We arrived at about 9 o’clock and first we went to see the exposition. Then we had some spare time so almost everyone went to the shopping centre - Atrium. Then we went to "Městské divadlo" to see Pygmalion.

The drama was excellent. The play was played by five actors. We even heard and see the actors sing songs. The songs were wonderful. Every actor except Aliza and Mr. Higgins had more roles. They had to change clothes. The actors showed a brilliant performance. The only problem of the play was that Aliza screamed a lot and she had weird accent that we couldn’t understand. The end of the play was open. The play faded in the audience’s catharsis.

Thanks for the beautiful day.
Adam Kolomý